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1300 East 86th Street, Suite 14 #130 Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Talk about finish work, the doors and trim are the real vehicles for craftsmanship in any elegant home.  A nice baseboard and beautiful crown molding can be that extra little pop you are looking for. 

Struggling to find the right guy to miter your outside corners or professionally instal your crown molding.  Let us take care of the finish work and make your project shine. 

We make it super easy!

1. Set up appointment for measurements at home

2. Pick out door finish and trim color

3. Schedule Install date

4. Happy Living

We make it super easy!

1. Se up an appointment for measurement and selection

2. Let us know what styles and colors to use

3. Schedule instal dates

4. Consider it done

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At Makeover Fine Finishes we know your doors and professionally finished trim will give your house that elegant feel you are going for.  We can run modern, traditional, victorian, or any style you are looking for!