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Makeover Fine Finishes

1300 East 86th Street, Suite 14 #130 Indianapolis, IN 46240

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The paint on the wall is the makeup of life. Whether you are going for calm and tranquil or loud and vibrant, we want your home to send a message when guests walk in the door.

We can do it all.  Our professional painters will make sure your job is taken care of and finished off right.  No drips, to scuffs, no touch up needed! 

We make it super easy!

1. Set up appointment for measurements at home

2. Pick out colors at any paint supplier

3. Schedule paint date

4. Happy Living

We make it super easy!

1. Se up an appointment for measurement and selection

2. Let us know what colors are to be used

3. Schedule paint date

4. Consider it done

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At Makeover Fine Finishes we know that your home's first impression is made the moment your guests step foot in the front door.  Having a well painted home from the trim to the ceiling gives your home the presentation that it deserves.