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Makeover Fine Finishes

1300 East 86th Street, Suite 14 #130 Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Whether it is going up or coming down, when you need your drywall put back together we are here to help.  We can remove a popcorn ceiling or install a textured knock-down look.  Your drywall sets up the look for the rest of the house and lays the foundation for a great finish!

Installing drywall is a breeze when you work with Makeover Fine Finishes.  Because we are also painters, it is our goal to make it as easy on the next guy as possible.  A good drywall job makes the painters look that much better. 

We make it super easy!

1.  Set up an appointment for measurement

2. Pick out finished look

3. Set up Install date

4.  Enjoy your beautiful new walls

We make it super easy!

1. Se up an appointment for measurement and

select finish

2. We pick up and stock the job site

3. Schedule an install date

4. Forget about it

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At Makeover Fine Finishes we want to make your drywall project easy, neat, and clean.  We can remove a popcorn ceiling, leave a knockdown, or finish it off nice and smooth.  A smooth drywall finish sets up the foundation for the rest of the house so it's got to be just right.