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Makeover Fine Finishes

1300 East 86th Street, Suite 14 #130 Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Our Mission

To make finishing your home as easy as possible!  

You start it and we will finish it!

About Us

At Makeover Fine Finishes it is our goal to make finishing your home as fun and enjoyable as possible.  We believe that every home deserves a makeover and we want to make yours happen.  Makeover Fine Finishes specializes in the Makeover Mortgage and Renovation Loan process and will make sure your job goes smoothly.  We are excited and look forward to serving the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. 



Tom can swing a hammer, quote your renovation, assist with interior design, handle your real estate transaction, pre-qualify you for a loan and inspect your home too.  But he gets much more done by delegating to his team of professionals who understand the Makeover Mortgage process.  Tom is the Founder & Managing Partner at Makeover Homes the parent company for, Makeover Mortgage, Makeover Fine Finishes, Makeover Renovations and Makeover Realty.  His key role is to ensure the execution of each brands core functions and how they complement each other in the efforts. 

Tom prides himself on being a proud Hoosier with small town values, such as honoring a hand shake and pitching in to help others whenever possible, plus a get it done work ethic.  He also has a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University (Bloomington) School of Public & Environmental Affairs in Environmental Science & Management.  Tom loves the adventure of taking a thought and turning it into a fully functioning business that not only helps clients, but also makes the world a better place by providing employment and improvements to the local community and the families that live there.  

Tom is a pretty simple guy that enjoys a good cold beer, grilling out, and spending time with his wife Cynthia and two beautiful girls.  He is considered a workaholic by many, but he also finds pleasure in simple things such as bushcraft style camping, fishing, and exploring new places when on vacation. 


Tom Michalic



Kelly was born in Evansville, IN and currently resides in Carmel,IN with his wife, Beth. They have four children ranging in ages from 16 - 32 and are proud grandparents of one little boy, Nolan.


Kelly is a managing partner of Makeover Fine Finishes and is responsible for the flooring division of the Makeover Products brand.  With Kelly's 30 plus years of experience in the flooring industry, he understands the needs and wants of the consumer and strives to make each clients experience as pleasant as possible.


Kelly's passion outside of work is travel, food, and is an avid golfer. He has coached high school golf the past 6 years and is currently the head girls golf coach at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis. His other passion is The Dave Matthews Band in which he and his wife have attended well over 100 shows and have traveled the country for those concerts.

Managing Partner

Flooring Department Director

Kelly McKasson


Joe is in charge of getting the job done.  His role in project management  has him working in client management, contractor management, and real estate management.  Joe's past experiences in Chicago building, Fit It People, makes him especially qualified for his role.  Joe and his wife Misty moved here from Chicago to give Indianapolis a try.  Joe spends his free time either in the woods camping, fishing, and off-roading or in his shop refurbishing old furniture.  Joe has a taste for the old stuff and frequents his collection of over 3000 LP's.  Fun fact: Joe is the semstress of the house!

Managing Partner

Project Management Director

Joe Carson

Clayton Miller is the name. It is Clayton's job to make sure you know exactly what we do and how well we do it.  Clayton's experience in the digital marketing space is used to run the website, social media accounts, and other blogs to give Makeover Homes's clients as much information as possible.  On top of working in the digital marketing space Clayton became a realtor #40167, a landlord, flipped several homes, and built a pair of duplexes from the ground up. As it turns out, the real estate world is just where he likes to spend his time.  Clayton is personally invested in the real estate space and wants to help and make it easier for others to do the same.  


Clayton was married in April of 2018 to his beautiful wife Jessica.  They both grew up in Columbus, Indiana and have no need to leave.  All of their family is there and they absolutely love it. When not playing in the real estate space Clayton is either hunting, fishing, camping, or working in my shop.  He thoroughly enjoys building furniture and other accessories out of beautiful pieces of wood from trees  in the community.  If you need something made from wood, he will nail it. 

Managing Partner

Marketing and Realty

Clayton Miller

Tristan Davidson responsibility is to make sure you are well informed and comfortable with your remodeling decisions.  I work directly with clients, production, and management to insure everybody is on the same page. I have worked in the financial services industry for the last 5 years helping clients make well informed decisions in accordance with their financial goals.


I really enjoy helping people make wise decisions that positively affect their immediate and long term future. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Sarah for 13 years and we have 2 wonderful kids. Riley and Liam.  I was born in Winnipeg, MA Canada. I moved to Indiana in 1996 and attended North Central High School. I live in the Broad Ripple area and love living in Indianapolis, IN.


I am a huge Colts fan and I am a bit obsessed with fantasy football. I work part time at Mama Corollas, hold and NMLS license #1192043 to originate mortgage’s in the state of IN, and drive for Uber in addition to my partnership with Makeover Fine Finishes.

Sales and Client Cultivation

Tristan Davidson

Jacob is another utility belt so to speak.  He is a project manager and has 15 years of experience to prove it.  Crushing projects and building great teams is what he does best.  Jacob also works in sales and client cultivation in effort to help as many people as he can.  There is nothing like a job well done and the view of a new home transformed from the old.  


Outside of work Jacob is strong in his faith and marriage to his wife Jennifer and two kids.  Jacob is an Indy Car fan and send the rest fo his time in nature with his family.  Jacob listens to country music and is always willing to help out a family member when a project arrises.  

Sales, Client Cultivation, and Project Management

Jacob Moore